Boys Rescued from Thai cave

Boys Rescued from Thai cave
Jul 9, 2018
5:33 pm

WHAT: 4 Thai boys out of a group of 13 were rescued yesterday from a flooded cave thanks to a group of divers - through a 5km escape route that cuts through dark, narrow passageways of the flooded Tham Luang cave.

The boys and their football coach were unfortunately trapped in the cave after a monsoon rain and had been trapped for 16 days!

It had taken 9 hours for the divers to rescue the four boys and are still working on rescuing the rest. Divers are replenishing oxygen tanks for the next group of boys and doing the best that they can to get the group out of the cave.

WHERE: Tham Luang cave, Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Wanna see how tough the escape route is? It's crazy!!

At the moment, all the rescued individuals have to undergo medical check-up to see if they're free of serious infections like leptospirosis and meliodosis. No physical harm have been reported thus far.

We'll be sure to keep you guys updated when we hear more.

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