A NYC Chef At Just 19 Years Old!

A NYC Chef At Just 19 Years Old!
Jul 10, 2018
5:21 am

He's known as "the Justin Bieber of foods" and has been growing his name from hosting dinner tastings in Los Angeles and New York City since he was 11. Today, 19-year-old Flynn McGarry is both a chef and owner of his restaurant Gem in the big city of New York!

Fun Fact: His restaurant name is actually his mom's name - but backwards.

He's no small-time chef, so if you're expecting a NY-street-style meal, best avoid Gem. Flynn has been criticized for his charges of his foods - $155 for a twelve course meal, excluding drinks. However, this young chef means business, especially when it comes to building a name for himself as a chef in NYC.

"I've had terrible meals cooked by 50-year-olds, I don't think that's an age thing ... you either know how to cook or you don't. We have the same labour costs, the same rent, the same ingedients ... if you can get an incredible meal cooked by people this young, why would you not want that?" he says.

At Gem, there's one dish that he says he'll never remove off his menu - which is his prized dish, the Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Meat Beet...

That looks incredibly good!

Taking pride in being known as young fine-dining chef, Flynn isn't scared to face down his critics who suggest he hasn't earnt his dues.

Here at MYC!, we're happy to see blooming young talents who are making waves in the kitchen - after all, anything to do with food, we Malaysians are always keen for it.

Young Flynn even made it on the cover of New York Times magazine! Very impressive...

Here's more on this 19-year-old prodigal chef in NYC.

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