Klook Travel Ambassador Search 2018

Klook Travel Ambassador Search 2018
Jul 16, 2018
3:23 pm

While many dream of an opportunity to travel and experience the world, guess what? NOW YOU CAN!

#KlookTravelAmbassadorSearch is a contest that is calling out to all you energetic and wild youths with the passion for one heck of a grand experience!

WHY SHOULD I CARE?: Well for starters, YOU GET TO TRAVEL! Who doesn't love that??? Oh... we also probably didn't mention that the winning team will win a fully-sponsored trip to Japan! Arigato Mr. Robato...

That got your attention yeah? Well here's how you can take part:

Step 1: Record and share a short video of less than 3 minutes, tell us about yourselves (you can also share if you have travel vlog/photography experience, what kind of travel stories you had in the past etc).

Step 2: Upload it on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube, with a short introduction and hashtag #Klooktravelambassador2018 (make sure it’s public or else we won’t be able to view it!)

Step 3: Fill up the form on klooktravelambassador2018

Form a team of 2 (with your bff/gf/bf/bro/sis) and start your adventure with klook now! For more information, please go to klooktravelambassador2018 right now!

Check out a video we've made for you:

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