This Guy is a Real BAMF - He Survived a Shark Attack!

This Guy is a Real BAMF - He Survived a Shark Attack!
Jul 23, 2018
9:44 am

He was a victim of a shark attack - feeding a bullshark a hand and a leg, while on duty.

Imagine this...a bull shark, gnawing on your limbs while you fight to survive.

Paul De Gelder, a former elite diver for the Australian Navy faced an extremely scary experience while he was on duty to test out new counterterrorism hardwares when out of nowhere, he found his right arm and right leg in the mouth of a ferocious bull shark!

WHERE: Sydney Harbour, Australia

Sh*t got real very fast as all this happened after Paul got into the water for just about 4-5 minutesTalk about being in the wrong place, at the wrong time...


“Your brain takes a second or two to make sense of what you’re seeing; then I realize, there’s a fucking shark and it wants to eat me and it’s attached to my leg!” he says.

Bleeding out badly and close to death, Paul managed to pull himself away and swim to his team who were waiting for him on the safety boat. 

Good news is that he is alive. Better news is that now he is a semi-terminator. Check out this video and find out more on the incident from Paul himself when he met up with YouTube star Casey Neistat.

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