Huawei is Releasing a MUST BUY!

Huawei is Releasing a MUST BUY!
Jul 31, 2018
2:54 am

Let's admit it, hunting for that PERFECT phone is hard...but to find an amazing phone for less than RM2,000 is near impossible!

We kid you not, it exist now!

Introducing the latest phone by Huawei, the Nova 3the newer and far more improved version of the Huawei Nova 2i.


Personally I'm not biased to Huawei cause I've never really wanted one, but when I heard that this was coming out, I started looking to sell my Samsung -- imagine that...

It looks spectacular and we all know Huawei has a bomb-ass camera for its phones... and the Nova 3 has FOUR (4) AI CAMERAS BRO!

Here are the specs:

DISPLAY: 6.3 inch

WEIGHT: 166g (including battery)

CHIPSET: Huawei Kirin 970, Octa-core + i7 microprocessor

 OS: Android 8.1 (Oreo)

MEMORY: 6GB RAM; 128GB ROM | Micro SD card slot: support up to 256 GB

CAMERA: Rear Cam: 24 mega-pixel (mono) + 16 mega-pixel (color), F/1.8 aperture, supports autofocus (deep focus, phase focus, contrast focus) | Front Cam: 24 mega-pixel (color) + 2 mega-pixel (color), F/2.0 aperture, supports fixed focal length


BATTERY: 3,750 mAh

Here's the best part of it all...the PRICE! *drum roll*

The Huawei Nova 3 comes with the price point of RM1,899!


Currently, the Huawei Nova 3i is already in the market, being sold for RM1,249 -- so you could check that out too.

However, as for me and my fellow tech-lovin' buds, we're excited for the Nova 3 and we can't wait for 17 August 2018!

If you wanna find out more about the Huawei Nova 3, click HERE!

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