Former Boyband Singer WINS The Four S2!

Former Boyband Singer WINS The Four S2!
Aug 3, 2018
3:54 am

Yo do you remember this kid...?

That my friends, is James Graham -- back when he was a contestant on The X Factor UK Season 11. A lot of you may also remember him as the lead singer of UK's boyband Stereo Kicks...and left to pursue his dream of being a solo performer.

Can you spot the young James Graham?

Well I've been a fan of James since his first audition on The X Factor UK S11 -- with his powerful vocals and a falsetto that would put many female singers to shame...

So as to walk that path to a solo career, he joined The Four: Battle for Stardom S2, a singing-talent competition judged by Meghan Trainor and two highly respected music icons, Sean Combs aka P. Diddy & DJ Khalid...oh and hosted by Fergie!

Here's James' first performance on The Four S2, check it out:

...and after many, many, MANY challenges by other hopefuls, James Graham defeated his best friend rapper Sharaya J to go home as the WINNER of The Four S2!

Watch him receive his prize being presented to him by P. Diddy himself!

As a huge fan of James Graham, I'm super super excited about his win... but Sharaya J is not a rapper to go unnoticed so go check her out on YouTube as well :)

However, CONGRATULATIONS James Graham!

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