Two Quakes in a Row!

Two Quakes in a Row!
Aug 7, 2018
9:13 am

Just last week on the 29th of July, an earthquake of a 6.4 magnitude hit Lombok, Indonesia. Unfortunately, the fatal incident didn’t end there with another 6.9 magnitude earthquake last Sunday evening at an island in Lombok relatively near to Bali.

The power went out due to the trembles with people rushing out of their homes in Bali and screaming in fear for their lives. Thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed with most of the victims being killed by houses collapsing on them.

Currently, there are at least 91 people killed and many were injured after the tragic incident. The number of deaths could increase as rescuers have not reached certain areas that were affected by the earthquake but they are working hard on evacuating all the people from the area vigorously.

While we wait for more news updates, let us continue to Pray for Bali.

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