McDonald's is Selling 48-pieces McNuggets?!

McDonald's is Selling 48-pieces McNuggets?!
Aug 8, 2018
3:29 pm

What would you like to have for snacks? Supper?...and the nearest fast food store to you is McDonald’s...

Good news for McDonald’s chicken nuggets fans! You shouldn’t miss this once in a lifetime promotion!!! They are having 48 pcs of chicken McNuggets on the menu!!

Before this, the much that they can offer is only 20pcs and now, you can have a bucket of McDonald’s chicken nuggets!

They are having this promotion featuring idols from Japanese pop group NGT-48, an all-girl music group consisting of 25 members that sometimes referred as “Nugget 48”...

However, this promotion only available in Niigata's McD. Yes, that's in Japan...

Can we have this McDonald’s McNuggets 48piece in Malaysia? Or the least McDonald’s French Fries bucket?

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