VIRAL FlashNews : Alleged Gun Shooting in BU Centerpoint?! TO BE VERIFIED!

VIRAL FlashNews : Alleged Gun Shooting in BU Centerpoint?! TO BE VERIFIED!
Aug 9, 2018
1:29 pm

OMG! There was a shooting in Bandar Utama, Centrepoint's carpark just YESTERDAY EVENING???

That's CRAZY! WE KNOW!!!! Especially since one of our interns actually live within a 5-minute walking distance from Centrepoint weihhhh!

DISCLAIMER: Don't Look if you're afraid of blood...

Here's how the scene looks:


There was even a Bandar Utama shooting incident that happened in June 2015, where a Mongolian woman was shot 4 times - in the chest and shoulders! This isn't even America! GUNS ARE NOT LEGAL IN THE HANDS OF NON-AUTHORIZED PERSONNELS! Why are there guns on the streets yo?!?!

Updates: Unproven rumour stated that a person with a licensed handgun pulled out a gun but no shots are fired. Keep you updated.

More details coming soon once we hear more on this, so stay tuned for it!

For those of you who hangs out in Bandar Utama...or even live in the are, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Always be on the lookout -- and avoid using your phone/wearing headphone while listening to loud music, while you're walking!

Here's a Question for You: Should an EX-cop be allowed to be carrying a firearm? 

We're not saying it was an ex-cop... we just heard that it could possibly (allegedly) be an ex-cop.. we'll keep you guys updated at the soonest.

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