WhatsApp Now Does Video Conference Call

WhatsApp Now Does Video Conference Call
Aug 15, 2018
2:36 pm

Guess what? WhatsApp's latest feature can now allow you to video call more than ONE (1) person at a time!

How to WhatsApp Group Call:

  1. Start a new call with one user.
  2. Click the "Add Participant" button to add more contacts into the current call.

However, do note that you can only add THREE (3) other participants into the group video call though...

As with all WhatsApp functions, the group call will be end-to-end encrypted too. Since 30 July 2018, this new feature is launching in stages. So, if you haven’t received it yet, no worries I’m sure you’ll get it ASAP!

Just make sure to keep your WhatsApp updated :)

Matthew Wan Cool

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