Idiot Tries Opening Plane Door Mid-Flight

Idiot Tries Opening Plane Door Mid-Flight
Aug 16, 2018
10:25 am

Another day, another idiot to bash on...

In this case, we're referring to this particular moron who tried opening the aircraft door mid-flight!

Idk what's so funny about putting lives in danger...I mean, if you wanna die, go ahead - don't bring innocent lives with you.

Here's the idiot...

Meet Kiwi-national Cranwell Frazer Harry, a 32-year-old restaurant manager from Auckland.

So here's what happened - Cranwell was on the way to Vietnam with his friends via Malaysia Airlines from New Zealand when an air stewardess caught him holding the emergency door handle and attempting to open it mid-air.

Apparently Cranwell had been drinking several glasses of beer and liquor during the flight...and the air stewardess had told him to move to a different seat before alerting the chief stewardess and captain.

Cranwell was sent to a 2-day police lockup and fined RM6,000 for his actions...

Is that the best you can do?! With something that light... I'm not surprised if we meet more idiots like this fella right here...

People, remember this face...

Matthew Wan Bodoh.....

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