The "BASH" Place for Shopaholics

The "BASH" Place for Shopaholics
Aug 17, 2018
7:12 am

Meet Cecilia Ooi and Xin Yu Khor, 2 ladies who achieved the dream life of all shopaholics...literally.

Both of them are graduates from Sunway University. YAY!!! #sunwaypride

Life is good for them -- from spending on clothes to earning from it!

They are the founder of Bash Clothing...selling you the "BASH sh*t" ever! 

If you've ever had an entrepreneur dream, their story will definitely inspire you. Cecilia and Xin Yu founded Bash Clothing as they started their degree life in Sunway in 2014, with the aim of creating an affordable platform for those who love fashion.

Stress of being a uni student and lack of experience in e-commerce did not stop these ladies from succeeding.

In 4 years, they've expanded into a clothing website that caters to Singapore as well!

Without any help of sponsorship or advertising, Bash Clothing gained over 10,000 followers on Instagram and grew into a sustainable business. Fyi, this successful business is only the side job of interest for both Cecilia and Xin Yu as they are both currently working full-time. Totally amazed by how they juggle between both!

These two deserve our solute for getting to where they are right now! Fellow millennials, if you have an idea? Work it out! Who knows, it may be the next bash clothing...(?)

“We don’t sell clothes we don’t wear.”

Whatchu waiting for, check em out:

Bash Clothing Instagram

Bash Clothing Facebook

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