Have Your Tried These Boba Pastries?!

Have Your Tried These Boba Pastries?!
Aug 20, 2018
7:59 am

Ok...what we're about to show you would be pretty glorious to all of you who jumped on the #bobawagon when Pearl Milk Tea became a real lifestyle "thing".

Bubble tea pearls on PIZZA?! WOAHHH!

Apparently Taiwanese bakeries and street food vendors are coming up with innovative ideas on how else to popularize these chewy tapioca balls, other than just sucking them hard through a straw.

This boba phenomenon happening in Taiwan is going viral through @nini_food0822's Instagram page...

So, till these yummy-looking pastries arrive in Malaysia, the next best thing we can do is to look at pictures yeah?

Bubble tea pearls in Portuguese tarts...

Bubble tea pearls in pancake-like snacks...

Bubble tea pearls in *err whatever that is..*

Hold up.... dah tak tahan lapar ni...

Ok... back to it...

Bubble tea pearls on French toasts...

Bubble tea pearls on fluffy pancakes!!!

Bubble tea pearls on....*faints*

Then there're stuff like this which'll just make you worry about the calories...

...and then there are these good-stuffs that'll make you go crazy...

It's some sort of Taiwanese cold-milky dessert...

It's ok to drool cause we are too.. Taiwan, you're a lucky country. Bring 'em over to Malaysia cause WE WANT!!!

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