WeChat is Giving Away Free MONEY!

WeChat is Giving Away Free MONEY!
Aug 23, 2018
2:10 am

Yes, we know you clicked this cause you read FREE MONEY... no shame cause who could ever turn down free cash kan?

...anyway it's not a clickbait title cause WeChat really is rewarding its e-wallet users with free money packets!

WeChat Pay has finally hit Malaysian land and now we have...well just another e-wallet really...another cashless-paying platform to use(?)'ll be great for those of you who have been using WeChat for a long while in any case...

Anyway, here's what's special about WeChat Pay; it has this feature called Money Packet - which enables you to send and receive cash. So splitting the bill with your friends would be easier without having to pull out your wallet.

Oh btw, you can also withdraw your e-wallet balance at ANY bank in Malaysia...and there's no processing fee. probably just wanna know about how to get the free money packet right? Well, in conjunction with its official launch in Malaysia, WeChat Pay rolled out with a Random Money Packet campaign from 21 August 2018 - 28 August 2018. I heard it's worth RM88.88 if you click on Money Packets when it appears in your WeChat Moments.

That's a good amount to get you and your date a real good dinner, so go redeem it now. You snooze, you lose bruhh...

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