The Flash Fashioning a Malaysian Brand

The Flash Fashioning a Malaysian Brand
Aug 23, 2018
3:03 am

Not only did Grant Gustin aka The Flash fashion a humble Malaysian-owned watch, but he actually wore it at the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards 2018 in Hollywood!

A watch may just be a watch, but c''s a Malaysian brand being worn onto the red carpet man! Best part, Grant Gustin wasn't even shy to say he got it off a Malaysian photographer. #shoutoutMalaysia

Nayan.Co is a humble small-time Malaysian watch company from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and was founded by Fadzyinie Dullie & Fahad Nasir - the guy who gave Grant his watch :)

Nayan.Co's co-founder Fahad Nasir

Oh and if you're wondering about the cost of a watch from Nayan.Co, you're looking at around RM289.00.

Not a bad trip to Malaysia for The Flash eh?

Grant with his beautiful half-Kadazan partner LA Thoma.

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