Man Turns Down Proposal & New Car Over Fear of Heights

Man Turns Down Proposal & New Car Over Fear of Heights
Aug 24, 2018
3:03 am

Yo, the fear is REAL!!

This man's acrophobia have cost him a HUGE sum of money, a brand new car, and possibly his fiancee as well...

WHAT'S THE SITU?: Well 23-year-old Xiao Jing wanted to propose to her boyfriend, 23-year-old Xiao Yu - which is pretty sweet, but she never knew about his biggest fear... heights. LOL! Here's where she was waiting for him...

30m-high glass bridge in Xinmi, Henan, China

Now you're probably wondering why is there a car on the glass bridge right? Well... Xiao Jing comes from a very wealthy family and her dowry gifts to Xiao Yu consisted of a spanking-new SUV and 1,000,000 yuan (RM597,000)!

However, cause Xiao Yu's acrophobia was so real, he couldn't even manage a few steps onto the bridge towards her - even after being encouraged by his own friends...

...which led him to walk away from his beautiful bride-to-be and those dowries. Well, at least we can say he isn't in it for the money :)

Unfortunately... this also leaves us with a very very hurt (...and rejected) girl in a wedding gown, on the glass bridge...alone.

We don't know what happened between the both of them, but do you think this incident would've burnt a bridge in their relationship?

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