Best App for Touch 'n Go Users

Best App for Touch 'n Go Users
Aug 27, 2018
10:15 am

Anyone using Touch 'n Go to get around via public transportation on a daily basis will love this.

Touch 'n Go now has an app that allows you to physically check your card balance on the spot!

Word is that this is a newly added feature to the e-wallet app, so you don't always have to "ma-fan" yourself by checking your card balance by using your SmartTag reader.

So here's what you need to do to get started:

1. Download the app and click on TNG Card

2. Insert your Touch 'n Go Serial Number

If you didn't know, the serial nukber can be found at the back of your TNG card.

For those of you using your MyKad as a TNG, you can find the serial number on the receipt when you reload the card.

3. You can Sync up to THREE (3) TNG Cards on your Smartphone

Just click on 'Add a New TNG Card'.


With that being said, there's a one-day delay during transactions (at least for right now...) and about a 48-hour delay for toll transactions, from the time of actual transaction.

You can also view your transaction history of up to 30 days by clicking on 'Transaction History'.

Oh and up to date, TNG hasn't enabled people to topup your card via app yet, so you'll have to physically do that for now...

Click here to download the app into your phone(s).


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