Your Companion with a Malaysian Touch.

Your Companion with a Malaysian Touch.
Aug 27, 2018
11:09 am

Have you met Siri's wittier brother, Dali?

Well first of, many are wondering... WHO THE HECK IS DALI?????

There's been #FindDali billboards, radio ads, and social media posts going around KL this past few it's gaining quite a wide traction from people.

So we had to find out... and we checked out FindDali on Google. Here's what we found out...

Like how you Apple users would love to bug the hell outta Siri, now you have a new companion -- where you can ask the weirdest questions possible and get a response from Dali, with a true Malaysian touch. Here's what we mean: of course we asked another...

Don't worry though, Dali doesn't cuss, so it's safe for kids to use too HAHAHA

Still, we don't know who this smart-aleck Dali is...

Word on the street is that there's an exclusive event to reveal Dali's identity on 6 SEPTEMBER 2018, but no word on time and location. Gahhhhh!

Till the time comes, we'll just have to constantly check FindDali FacebookFindDali TwitterFindDali Instagram for updates.

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