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These Full-Name Memes are Hilarious AF!

These Full-Name Memes are Hilarious AF!
Mitchell Wong
on News & Events
Sep 6, 2018
12:00 pm

Well someone took Cardi B's name too literally and autocompleted it into a full name... 

Yo... if that isn't hilarious enough for you... you're gonna love these:

When You Try Understanding Cardi B's Boyfriend, Offset's full name...

...or how about The Weeknd's?

This One Might Take You Awhile to Get It..

How about Post Malone's super-relatable full name?

When T.I. Rapped that You Need a Math Course in "Hell of a Night"

...and when T Pain said 'I'ma Buy You a Drank"...

Did You Know that John Cena's Name is Actually a Meme?? #inception

Who Doesn't Love a Huge Easy-Bake Oven right??

Now We Know Who Runs New York...

This will make You Spit Out Your Tea

We've Always Wondered What NWA's Ice Cube's Name Meant...

Ooo The Rock is Gonna Give a Rock Bottom to Whoever Write This...

Quavo's Full Name is...

He's a member of American Hip-Hop group A$AP Mob

We've Discovered What Makes the Ramlee Burger taste so Good!

Well This Isn't Technically Wrong...

Oh Patutlah Mat Sabu this Size...

...and for the Guitar Legend of Rock...

We're literally rolling on the floor now...

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