Pregnant Cat Killed By Two Heartless Men Trapping Her in The Dryer!

Pregnant Cat Killed By Two Heartless Men Trapping Her in The Dryer!
Sep 13, 2018
10:26 am

This is SO BAD beyond levels!

Animal abuse is the most cruellest thing anyone can do to these harmless creatures! 

Two men in Taman Gombak, Bau Caves were caught on camera KILLING a poor stray cat by trapping her in the dryer at the laundry shop just for fun at September 11 


It was a post found on facebook but was taken down, however the CCTV video was shared by other people!

The video showed the two men finishing their laundry and looked as if they wanted to leave the store. One of the men wearing long pants spot the stray cat under the table and took the poor cat trapping her in the dryer while the other man in shorts helped him open the dryer.

They continued folding their clothes while the cat being trapped inside the dryer, obviously desperate to get out! 

The two men went to get coins and activated the machine, so they could watch the cat die slowly a painful death!

As they watch the poor kitty suffering in the Dryer, all they did was laugh and made jokes.

Where are your feelings bro? Really no feelings meh?


The hearltess men left the shop AND the cat in the dryer till the next morning at 10:30am when a shocked customer discovered the dead pregnant cat's body covered in blood! 

The laundry’s management staff immediately contacted the Malaysia Animal Association and reported the issue based on the CCTV footage as evidence.

We hope these two heartless men be brought to jail because no animal deserves to be treated the way this poor cat did! RIP Kitty!

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