Boss Fires Girl For Not Replying After Working Hours

Boss Fires Girl For Not Replying After Working Hours
Sep 21, 2018
1:17 pm

Do you ever just wanna rest after clocking out of work even when your boss sends you work messages after working hours? 


Well, this lady named Wang apparently has some dramatic experience after work. 

Imagine this!

You just got back home after a long day at work, and all you can think about is your bed right?  So, what do you do? YOU SLEEP and YOU REST.

So that you can wake up FRESH the next moring for another long day of work. 

Most of the time...

Not for Wang apparently! Wang did exactly just that on July 2nd! Not knowing a surprise awaiting for her the next morning! 

Her phone rang and she received a message from her boss at 10:23pm asking for the the current month’s revenue report when she was already asleep! In the message he also said if she doesn't reply within 10 minutes, she would be fired! Walau, Can like that meh? 

She did not see the message as she was sleeping, He gave another message saying that she's fired her because she didn't reply within the time limit. 


Wang woke up the next morning and read the messages thinking he was only joking, she went to work anyway

By the time she reached the office, she found out that her boss really meant it for that minor reason! 


Above all that, her company also refused to pay her for the previous month! 


So Wang went to ask from lawyers because she felt that it was unnecessary to dismiss her when she clearly did not do anything wrong, and they all agreed. After a hard study on her case, the lawyers found out that her company has violated a few regulations according to the labours in China.

 They said that, she didn't need to respond to ANY messages after she finished work! If she was assigned to a task after working hours and is expected to complete it before the next working day, it would be considered overtime and she should be paid accordingly because, that is the working law right?

They also found out that Wang already announced that she was pregnant in June and this was part of the reason that her company had rudely fired her, which was obviously against the law.


Wang’s lawyers decided to sue the company and they gave her a compensation of 18,000 RMB (RM10,800).


Now Wang can finally move on knowing that she has gotten rid of a bad boss and can look for a better job! 

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