Local Streetwear Apparels That'll Get You Looking SOOO FLY!

Local Streetwear Apparels That'll Get You Looking SOOO FLY!

Ashraf Nisfudin

Everyone in the hipster era knows that the best way to practice self-expression nowadays is through clothing fashion, and it's been that way for streetwear fashion since the 80s.

Here's the thing... there are just so many upcoming streetwear fashion brands that we just don't know which to go for. Oh decisions, decisions...

However, this one particular brand, Raymars, caught our attention.

It's been in the scene since 2011 and proudly founded by Hafiz Shahrir. He started the clothing brand immediately after finishing high school. Not knowing that much about the business, he would boldly dive into it head first and learn to progress along the way.

Today, Raymars is well established as a brand in the field of fashion and business.

The name Raymars came from two words combined. Ray as in light, and Mars as in planet Mars. Proudly born and raised from the streets of Gombak, Raymars focuses on printed T-Shirts and clothing accessories with a chill Santai sort of vibe that can be worn for everyday use. Raymars encompasses T-Shirts, wovens, fleece, headwear and outerwear.


"To those who are into streetwear fashion, it's about more than just clothes. It’s a culture. We are always seeking for new ideas for a sense of satisfaction in our own industry," says Hafiz.


Raymars doesn't have a physical clothing store right now but it's in the plan for the near future. As for now, it's operating online and through events.

For those wanting to know more about the clothing brand or wanting to get their products, they are easily reachable through most online social media platforms.

For more details: Instagram

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