Anthony Loke Steps into Public Shoes

Anthony Loke Steps into Public Shoes
Oct 2, 2018
2:07 am

"Is that Anthony Loke???"

That's the murmuring that you would've heard at Bukit Jalil LRT Station yesterday if you were taking the train to work/classes.

Yeah so Malaysia's Transport Minister Anthony Loke (a super humble dude) decided to take the LRT to work yesterday from Bukit Bintang - Damai, to experience what it feels like to take the train during peak hours!

Yup, he was cramped up in a train filled with bad body-odour and sweaty armpits like the rest of us...

He even conducted a quick spot-check at the station and took feedbacks from netizens on what could be improved with Malaysia's public transportations.

What impressed people more was the fact that Mr. Loke was even willing to get into an over-crowded cabin WITHOUT his bodyguards or police escorts.

Really Malaysia, we need more ministers like this guy right here. This is how Malaysia gets back on track and we Malaysians are very happy.

Plus this isn't just for show - he even turned down new handphones when he attended a tech launching event. Humble and clean - kipidap Mr Loke!

Anthony Loke even shared this on his Facebook LIVE stream:

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