Look Slimmer? How to increase your Metabolism in 7 easy Steps

Look Slimmer? How to increase your Metabolism in 7 easy Steps
Oct 8, 2018
5:48 pm

Sure .. you all have THAT friend who EATS & Drinks EVERYTHING .. BUT never gets FAT.

Here are some quick Tips on how to BOOST your Met .. and maybe loosen your Jeans!

1. Eat a lot of protein everyday.

Starving yourself isn’t the answer to lose weight. A proper diet helps!

2. Drink cold water.

Studies have shown that drinking 17 ounces (0.5 liters) of water increases resting metabolism by 10–30% for about an hour.

3. Do a intensive body workout

It can help you burn more fat by increasing your metabolic rate, even after your workout has finished.

4. KettleBells

Especially Kettle Bell Swings for 3x times a day, Kettle Bells are highly underrated due to lack of know how in using them. They were one of Russia's best kept secrets in training their athletes for the Olympics.

5. Sit down less

Sitting too much is bad for your health. Seriouslyyyyyyyy.......

6. Eat spicy food

Chili padi? Sambal belacan? Grab them all!

7. Sleep early

What you eat needs to be digested. The earlier you sleep, the faster.

At the end of the day, losing or gaining weight doesn’t matter if your overweight or not. Love yourself and others will love you too!

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