Tips and Tricks on how to not be bankrupt (in your 20s).

Tips and Tricks on how to not be bankrupt (in your 20s).
Oct 13, 2018
4:11 am

by Ashraf Nisfudin

Good health can also bring benefit and wealth your way by helping you save money. Your calorie intake is like your spending. Eat fewer calories than you use, then loose weight. Spend less money than you make, and you save.

Avoid Eating Out

If you’re spending too much on eating out in restaurants, perhaps planning your meal for the day or night would come in handy.

Thrifted Clothing

Yes clothing is important because we wear it everyday and we want to feel comfortable in what we wear. But instead of purchasing well known brands that is ridiculously expensive, perhaps buying used clothes could help on saving up. Thrift shops are the best when buying second hand clothes as they have many choices and styles of clothing. You would be surprise on how cheap the price would be and the quality of it is almost similar as purchasing a well known brand. Admit it, wouldn’t you want to get a Tshirt for RM5 instead of RM40 for the same quality?

Low Cost Entertainment

Its all about mentality when it comes to this, depending on what you enjoy. Its always better to stick to the classics in most of todays issues. Having so many new toys and gadgets being created nowadays, the cost of all these would be a surprise for you. Instead of getting a new flat screen TV or a new PlayStation, perhaps changing our ways of how we perceive entertainment would change things. Maybe pick up a book and start reading the things you like, or getting started on a new hobby that would benefit you would also be good. Its all about creativity. 

Order Cheap

In todays market the prices has increased and everything would be costly. We go to shops a lot for meals or drinks. Instead of ordering the best dish they have, choose the most cheapest option on the menu.

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