KL Hilton's Lobby Ceiling Collapses...ON SOMEONE'S HEAD!

KL Hilton's Lobby Ceiling Collapses...ON SOMEONE'S HEAD!
Oct 15, 2018
5:41 pm

Call it being at the wrong place, at the wrong time, but nothing can be worse than having a ceiling fall right on top of your head!!!

This happened yesterday morning, slightly before 3.40AM - when the plaster ceiling of KL Hilton in KL Sentral collapsed about 40ft above and landed on top of the foreign worker's head. 

Do you wonder how much of the ceiling collapsed?

About 1,500 square feet!

Yo that's about the floor size of a pretty nice condo!

Was this bad luck? No.

Apparently KL Hilton was doing some repairs on the wiring.

The foreign worker is now receiving treatment at Universiti Hospital in Petaling Jaya...

(if he was injured in KL, why is he being treated in PJ I wonder?)

Lets hope he is ok.

Anyway, for the time being, part of KL Hilton lobby is blocked off and temporarily closed for the moment - along with The ORO Café, Chambers Bar and the Lobby Lounge, until further notice.

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