The Search for Ms. PLAYUP GIRL Halloween @ Taylor's Lakeside Edition

The Search for Ms. PLAYUP GIRL Halloween @ Taylor's Lakeside Edition

by Mitchell W

Ok, you're checking out this article so let us give you THREE (3) reason why you should read on:

1. Taylor's Lakeside Halloween Party!!!

There's gonna be HAWT female vamps + ghouls + "cosplayers"(?)...but who cares right??? End of the day, you get to spend the entire night with amazing people, with great make-ups and costumes. 

Who knows? You might even get bit by the end of the night by a sexy Asian Edward Cullen or Jacob Black maybe?

You can RSVP for this by clicking right HERE.

...and then of course we did say we have 3 great reasons to read on...

2. MYC! is Searching for our Next Ms. PLAYUP Girl Winter 2019!

Now we're no Fairy Godparents BUT...we can make your wishes come true! If you have ever had a dream of being a K-Pop Model, look no further!

Join the MYC! FreshFaces Search now as we embark on a mission in search of our next Ms. PLAYUP Girl Winter 2019. 

Why? You're gonna get a front cover feature on our MYC! magazine + ONE (1) Year Supply of COSMETICS from PLAYUP!

How? Come by Taylor's Lakeside campus on 25 OCTOBER 2018 (THURSDAY) and register yourself as a MYC! FreshFaces contestant. We'll be having our booth open from 10.00AM - 5.00PM at the Student Life Centre Walkway.

For more details, check out:

...and for the best closing ever...

3. HOT GIRLS & "JESUS" preppin' for Halloween!


So now that we've captured your attention, enjoy your Halloween knowing that you could either become the next HOT K-Pop Model on campus might get lucky and get turned into a vampire/werewolf/something la....zombie maybe?

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