How to get Insta-Famous? Fall and flash your Goodies!

How to get Insta-Famous? Fall and flash your Goodies!
Oct 31, 2018
10:18 am

The road to getting more Insta-famous is seriously getting whackier and more dangerous - like really, do you know how many people got hurt by trying out the Keke challenge?

Now here's a new one, and it's called the Falling Stars challenge - whereby all you need to do is fall face-flat and flash your goodies. It sounds painful and down right stupid, but who am I to judge right? I'm not Insta-famous...

First of, what's the purpose of this other than to arouse the eyes of "predator" (i.e snatch-thieves, robbers, murderers...) don't you think?

Yet, as stupid as it is...this social media challenge is conquering the internet by storm.

I'll just let you watch it for yourself..

**Roll the clip**

So being someone who doesn't think it's smart at all to get all dolled-up and stuff, just to throw yourself on the dirty ground, scatter all your hard-earned sh*ts, and probably hurting yourself or breaking something expensive, do you think this is the future of social media success?

Heck... if it is, call Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass gang cause we should have a television show of our own...

Jason Ko LoL !

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