Top Rated M'sian Instagram Queens

Top Rated M'sian Instagram Queens
Nov 4, 2018
8:51 am

by Marissa Duclos

Top rated m'sian instagramers who would likely to inspire and motivate you!

1. Josephine Yap (@jyjosephine)

She first broke out while playing a lead role in one of JinnyboyTV’s short film The Girl That Changed Me. Since then, she has gone on to appear in several other popular YouTube videos and made a name for herself.

In one of her youtube videos, she spoke on how she dealt with her social anxieties and how she overcame them is very inspiring, especially for people who are struggling with anxieties and depression.


2. Jenn Chia (@soimjenn)

Jenn first started out singing in an indie band, writing songs and performing at random gigs around Klang Valley. She also post a lot song covers.

In one of her videos, she talked about how she got bullied in school and how she wanted to make friends. It got to the point where she decided to toughen up and deal with things alone and on her own, but look at her now. She is stronger than ever and no one can bully her anymore.

In your face bullies!


3. Noels (@noelineannabell)

One look at Noeline’s feed and you can tell she’s the ‘boss babe’ many young girls aspire to be. At only 18, she co-owns the online boutique, is the brand ambassador for up-and-coming makeup brand GlamX Cosmetics and is a beauty blogger-slash-YouTuber.

Behind everything else when she’s not in the spotlight, Noeline admits that sometimes it’s hard for her to be herself without the need satisfy society.

“One thing people should realise about influencers is that we aren’t some sort of celebrities in the social media world. We are simply regular people that have a passion to voice out our opinions and share a more aesthetically pleasing viewpoint to others.”

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