Pamper Your Skin Like Never Before

Pamper Your Skin Like Never Before
Nov 8, 2018
6:50 am

by Sufena Rose


Facial Cleanser is a must-have in every girl's skincare routine because it helps to clean up your skin and it helps to clear the oil from your skin. First of all, you must know your skin type - either oily combination, dry combination or normal.

How to know your skin type?


Step 1: Wash your face. Wait for 30 minutes without applying anything on your skin.

Step 2: After 30 minutes, you will notice the difference in your skin. If you feel your skin is oily then your skin type is oily combination, if you feel your skin is dry and non sticky then your skin type will be dry combination; however if your skin feels normal, non sticky and non oily, then girl you are very lucky because you have normal skin type (every girl's dream skin).


What's the purpose for exfoliating? Will I destroy the skin on my face??

Well ladies, I’m going to show you how to use exfoliate properly.

Exfoliation is basically the process of removing any dead cells.

Exfoliating can help to clean up your clogged pores and your skin will be dirt-free by reducing the amount of bacteria (ewww) in your pores. After that, your skin will instant GLOW (goodbye highlighter). Also, your skin will feel fresh and smooth like a baby's buttock!

There are 2 types of Exfoliate that you must know:

Physical Exfoliator

Uses ingredients that physically scrub dead cells from the surface of your skin. These ingredients are natural products such as plants or plant extracts. You will notice that if a product contains those ingredients it will feel rough on your skin. So for you Dry Skin people, I won’t recommend you to use Physical Exfoliator.

Chemical Exfoliator

Hold Up... CHEMICAL?? Aren’t chemicals bad for the skin?

Well the word of ‘Chemical” can freak all people out but we need to remember if you use it properly, it will be just fine. When it comes to exfoliation, it usually involve AHA or BHA. These ingredients dissolve the dead skin, helping our skin to reveal dewy, fresh and healthy skin.


Is toner really necessary in your skincare routine? Well YES! Why? Well because it helps to restore your PH balance of your skin, to shrink the pores and also it helps to remove any impurities on your skin.

How to use toner? It’s easy; either you spray or pour on cotton pad and just dab at your face. You're also allowed to apply your toner with your hands - just so long as it is clean la...

Another tip from me is if you have oily skin, find a toner that contains alcohol and salicylic acid because it has a drying effect. However if you have sensitive skin and dry skin, stay away from alcohol because it will ruin your skin barrier.


Moisturizer should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine as it helps to dampen and rehydrate your skin so it will feel softer and smoother.

Ingredients that I would recommended for oily skin to look for are ones that contain glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and honey. Meanwhile for dry skin, try finding products that contain petroleum jelly, olive oil and cocoa. 

You know what people say, ‘The Key to have a clear skin is to always hydrate your skin’.


These are the most important products that you must never forget - Sunscreen and Sunblock!

Hold Up! What’s the difference between Sunscreen and Sunblock? Aren’t they just the same?

Basically sunscreen is to protect your skin from UVA while sunblock is to protect your skin from UVB. It works the same but if you find the products that contain broad spectrum it means it will protect your from UVA and UVB. 

How many SPF do I need for my skin? Well for daily usage, SPF30 would suffice but I highly suggest for those girls who are going to stay outdoor 8 hours straight, find SPF50 because the higher the value, the longer the product it will stays on your skin.

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