Foldable Phones are Back...but This Smartphone Turns into a Tablet!

Foldable Phones are Back...but This Smartphone Turns into a Tablet!
Nov 9, 2018
1:23 pm

by Mitch W

Here's another tech gadget that you'd probably work hard, save up, and spend your money on - despite knowing that you probably won't need it...

What am I talking about? Well Samsung has just re-innovated the idea of foldable phone...from this...

(Talk about a blast from the past right?) this:

Now we're being presented with the latest Samsung smartphone device, the Infinity Flex.

We can't say much yet as for now cause this is just a sneakpeak of what's to come in the coming months - but I'm certain that as soon as you see Pre-Bookings open, these units will be "SOLD OUT" in just a matter of hours...

Yes yes, we all know you guys wanna be "unique"...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's gonna be a seriously short "pride booster" for you cause thousands of others probably feel the exact same way too.

However having said that, as a Samsung consumer, I'm pretty sure there's something about it that'll be worth your hard-earned cash.

Check out what is publicly released thus far:

Word on the streets are that the Infinity Flex is initially 4.85 inch (x2 after opening up the other side) with a 21:9 aspect ratio & a screen resolution display of 840x1,960 pixels.

My opinion is that it'll be really sh*tty to watch YouTube videos in full-screen display once to "unfold" the phone...

We'll just have to see...

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