Comic Book Legend's Death Shocks the Universe

Comic Book Legend's Death Shocks the Universe
Nov 13, 2018
12:36 pm


The universe is mourning over one of its biggest loss, with the passing of comic-book witer and legend Stan Lee.

The superhero visionary had brought so much entertainment and joy to our lives for decades and his passing - at a wonderful well-lived life of 95 years old, has made quite a big impact to us all.

It is reported that Stan Lee  has passed away from pneumonia and all comic-book fans and cast members of superhero movies are spreading the love:

Let's all just take this time to pray for his family and reflect on all the good times he has brought to us...

RIP Stan Lee: 1922 - 2018

We shan't forget you man, and thank you for all the good times.

Jason Ko THANOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't Take Him awayyyyyyy .......

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