BMW Group Offers This Malaysian Student a 10-Year Contract in Germany!

BMW Group Offers This Malaysian Student a 10-Year Contract in Germany!
Nov 30, 2018
6:54 am

We're constantly impressed by the amount of outstanding Malaysian students that are putting our country's name out there for the world to see.

20-year-old inspiration, Franklin Lingga Abun from Kapit Sarawak, was just offered a 10-Year Contract by one of the biggest names in automobile, BMW Group!

He's a third-year university student at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, studying Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Franklin is among 3 selected candidates to give a presentation to a panel of judges in Austria on his idea on semi-solar electric generation.

The other two, one is a process engineer from Germany and the other is a design engineer from South Korea.

“When I first received the offer, I was having second thoughts because I know it requires a lot of money to be able to travel to Austria for the presentation,” Franklin said.

However, we also would like to remind all students that when you work hard and not give up on your dreams, all things are possible.

Sarawak must so proud of him that he is receiving aids from Tan Sri Datuk Amar James Masing (Deputy Chief Minister) and Datuk Snowdan Lawan (Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports).

“The Ibans are very proud of Franklin and our support means a lot to him. We’re proud because there are a lot of talented Sarawakians and he’s one of them who got to sign the contract with BMW,” Snowdan said.

 So from what we've heard, Franklin is expected to fly off to Munich in March next year to sign the 10-year contract and kick off his career as BMW’s automotive technology expert starting 2021!

Congrats Franklin - the whole of Malaysia is proud of you and you're a testament to every other Malaysian that if we all work hard and stay focused, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 

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