3 Ways Your GF Might Respond When You Want S*X.

3 Ways Your GF Might Respond When You Want S*X.
Dec 27, 2018
7:22 am

by Nurmunira A.

Most girls think their first romance would be something like this...

...but c'mon, we all know it just ends up lookin' like this instead: Ewwww!!!!



Before you dudes start even thinking of getting to 1st/2nd/3rd base (if you are even that lucky...), we've gotta decide if you're a:

A) Hopeless Sweet & Romantic Guy


B) Playboy Douchebag

Which are YOU?

(Comment below if you're Guy A or Guy B)


90% of the time, people won’t marry their first love. Why? Well because most of their first love starts in the "teen" era so during that stage of life, people can't tell the difference between LOVE and INFATUATION.

"Teen-hood" is probably the most confusing stage in life -- especially when it comes to making "tough" decisions.

 Some may be good at making clever decisions, while some just get mentally disturbed by their personal issues; which could also be a factor that makes people in fall in love easily and discover that it was a bad decision later...

These situations have led to a variety responses from young girls whenever their BF(s) ask for SEX -- depending on their own thoughts of whether they are ready for sex or not la.

So, here are some possible responses:


1. Making EXCUSES

Although this may seem like a shallow option to go for, most girls resort to it when they are not ready. Like...

“Saving the World!” 5%

“Sex? No thanks. My life F*cks me Everyday” 5%

“I got a headache” 90%


2. Say YES!

Some young girls are up to it without hesitation. It is not a huge issue for young people to begin having sex as long as they aware of what they are doing, with the use of protection of course...

**btw, we don't condone abortion -- but this is just incase you have a "Oops I did it again" moment.

Birth control pills (RM10.00 - RM40.00)

Injectable contraceptive (RM18.00 – RM36.00)

Emergency Contraception (RM5.00 – RM16.00)

No protection

  • Pregnancy checkup (RM200 per checkup)
  • Childcare (RM500 per month)
  • Education and other necessities (RM10k+++)

The list goes on…


3. Direct Straight-Up REJECTION

Lastly, some of them are brave enough to directly reject the possibility of having sex with their boyfriend(s). Well, girls have the right to do it anyway. If the boyfriend understands and respect your decision, he’s definitely a keeper!


So for all you ladies out there, show this article to your boyfriend or guy pal -- and you're welcome :)

...and as for you gents, Be PATIENT. When she finally gives in to you, it will be the best pleasure ever -- trust me on this. Even my boyfriend has to wait :)

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