The Speech that Broke the Internet. MUST WATCH!

The Speech that Broke the Internet. MUST WATCH!
Dec 28, 2018
1:39 am

by Mitchell W.

I realize how easy it is to wake up in the morning and feel just totally UNMOTIVATED.

Sure, it isn't something that we choose to feel -- or is it?

However, I may sound like an old man for saying this, but it's easy to feel unmotivated when you Don't have a Goal in life.

Question is:

1. Do You wanna Live with your Parents Forever?

2. Do You wanna get Married and Live a Good Life that You Earned?

3. Do You wanna be Financially Independant and be able to Pay your Bills & Buy Everything You WANT?

4. Do You wanna be Remembered as Someone who Made a Difference in the World?


Do You Just wanna be that Other Forgetten Guy?

In the words of the World's Greatest Bodybuilder, "If you Want to turn a Vision into a Reality, you have to Give 100% and Never Stop Believing in Your Dreams." - Arnold Schwarzeneggar

Easier said than done, I know...but here's what you CAN do...

"Be Unique and Do what 99% of People AREN'T Doing."

Fiqa wow

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