Attention Girls, Here are Stuff For You to Play With & Decorate Your Room!

Attention Girls, Here are Stuff For You to Play With & Decorate Your Room!

by Audrey Goon

Ever wonder why your life is so boring?

You've probably checked through all your social media apps, no notifications buzzing on your phone, and you're just bored sh*tless cause you have nothing to do... so Here are some recommendations for you to play with!


1. Floral Embroidery Set


I mean like, sewing may be hard for some of us but the AESTHETIC tho -- it would be such a cute décor in your room.

This would especially suit girls who have the soft, lacey bbg aesthetic ;)

Click HERE to try!


2. Triangular Book Stand

RM14.61 – RM19.82

Gurl, is your table a mess?

Filled with loose paper sheets because of finals week?

Buy this book stand to clean that shit up! Stay organised, my fellow bitches.

Click HERE to get organised!


3. Seal Wax


Seal your letters off with wax seals, send it to your ex, thank you, next.

...or even something romantic to this Guy you like la. It's cool either way!

Click HERE to dazzle your letters!


4. DIY Neon Signs


There are so many neon signs in various hipster cafes, ‘cause it adds a little something for our photos heh -- so I don't see why we can't sparkle up our own bedrooms right? 

I mean where else do most of our selfies come from anyway...

You can actually DIY these neon signs by using Electroluminescent (EL) wires, it is only RM24.90! Make your room as your own photo booth.

Click HERE for that Beauty action!


5. Crafting a Mini House

RM21.78 – RM53.85

We all love to go to Ikea, imagining our dream house. In reality tho, we ain’t got mula to pay for our house loans.

It's good to start off small first, like this mini house that can remind you of how hard you should work to buy a house like that. *broke college student alert*

Click HERE for that first step to your dream home.


Stay foolish, stay hungry, stay woke fellow strong bitches xx

Fasha Nabilla yaassss weekend activity...
Vanei Koh OMGGGGGG.. princess room!
Fiqa pretty \
Izzuddin Zulkiflee good
Ain Farzana this is cool!

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