McDonald's has It's Own Karipap ah?!

McDonald's has It's Own Karipap ah?!
Feb 27, 2019
11:53 am

by Audrey Goon

McDonald’s Malaysia just came up with a new flavour for its pie, the CHICKEN RENDANG PIE!!!

What’s special about this pie is that its crust is different from the usual apple pie crust that you're familiar with…

IT IS A CURRY PUFF CRUST YO!!! This crust + the chunks of chicken with fragrant rendang

What a heaven for my mouth!

This Chicken Rendang Pie would be loveeeed by savoury food lovers like me (OM NOM NOM NOM).

For people who prefer food that is sweet, McDonald’s decided to bring back their salted caramel and chocolate pie!

YASSSSS, I always couldn’t get to try the salted caramel and chocolate pie because it’s always sold out so quickly T_T

Another good news is that McDonald’s is going to bring back their KitKat McFlurry!

Thank you McDonald’s, all of these are too good to be true, (especially the Chicken Rendang Pie, oh God...)

Well, say goodbye to diet! (…Again).

Izzuddin Zulkiflee yea
Vanei Koh MUST TRY...!

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