Fostering Work Readiness Among Medical Graduates

25th Jan 2019 - 26th Jan 2019

Fostering Work Readiness Among Medical Graduates

Venue :
Monash University Malaysia

Program Overview :
With 35 established medical programmes in Malaysia and 3,000 medical students graduating annually, there is a strong need to ensure that medical graduates are work ready by the time they leave their alma mater. Work readiness is not just equipping students with the tools of trade but also involves appropriate assessment to ensure that they can
successfully assimilate and integrate into the clinical workplace. This one and a half day conference targets work readiness amongst medical students with focus on professionalism issues, patient safety, student resilience and mental wellbeing. It is delivered by experienced local and international academics through a series of keynote lectures, plenaries, interactive forum and workshops.

Poster Sessions :
Poster sessions will provide participants with a golden opportunity to share their experience and research in work readiness, and also a chance to win the best poster award.

Objectives :
This conference aims to provide hands on experience in key topics of work readiness. Participants will gain valuable information on issues related to professionalism and medical student resilience and wellbeing, in addition to having a better appreciation of patient safety issues and the use of technology to assess work readiness. The poster sessions will
provide an excellent avenue to showcase and promote collaboration on work readiness.

Target Audience :
Senior management in health and medical settings; clinical, healthcare and basic sciences educators; clinicians; academics involved in curriculum design/implementation of assessment processes;
researchers in the field of work readiness; medical students.


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