APU Pop Culture Challenge

23rd Feb 2019 - 24th Feb 2019

APU Pop Culture Challenge

If you are most probably staying sexy, free and single a week after Valentine's Day, why not drop by and have a fun and light debating tournament full of laughter and consumerism?

Being a stranger to debating who's not really used to reading The Economist, and having to keep up with a lot of international issues might be stressful at times. Or even if you're not a noob anymore, having rounds packed with conflicts happening half the globe away might be too much.

Which is why, we decided to come up with something fresh and fun - APU Pop Culture Challenge! This is where you utilize all those hours spent on Netflix, your favorite books/movies, and consider all the endless possibilities. What if Harry was actually a Slytherin? Should Deadpool cameo every Marvel movie, or we keep the memory of Stan Lee cameos? Come debate and find out!

Good news is, since PCC should be all fun, we are happy to announce FUN PRIZES for the finalists! Movie vouchers, funko pops, you name it. Not enough? Champion will walk away with RM750 cash prize and RM250 for Overall Best Speaker!

All of this topped with replacing ordinary tournament food with pizzas and maybe even some junk food encouraged by our consumerism culture, yet provided at an affordable rego - I don't know why on earth you wouldn't try. 

Tournament Details

Date: 23-24th February 2019

Venue : Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation - APU

Hosted by : A.P.U Debate Society

Registration Fee: RM120/person

Rule: N-1

Registration & Payment Phase:
•1st Phase (Early Bird) 15 December 2018 - 19 January 2019
•2nd Phase (Late) 20 January 2019 - 20 February 2019 (Penalty +RM50/team)

Facebook Event Link : https://www.facebook.com/events/1850666475062723/

Tentative & Registration Link TBA

Please visit us for more information:-

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