23rd Feb 2019 - 23rd Feb 2019


Venue : Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Time : 10:00AM - 03:00PM

Hosted by : Tedxheriotwattumalaysia

Theme: Rewind and Reset

Do you have a great speech idea for a TEDx event?
Have you always wanted to share your ideas to people through public speaking?
Do you have a topic in mind which is relevant to our theme "Rewind and Reset"?

Here is your chance to be a Speaker for TEDxHeriotWattUMalaysia!

All you have to do is to share us your speech description and your CV. Then, we will arrange an interview with you!
If you are a newbie, don't shy and just try!

To submit your application and for more info, please click the button below:-


Submit Here!


Please visit us on our Official Facebook Page :-

Instagram Link : https://www.instagram.com/tedxheriotwattumalaysia/

Surely, we can "reset" technology when it is not working well or "rewind" the tape of our favourite scenes in movies. But not everything in this world can be rewind or can it? Being able to rewind back and prevent ourselves from making such a massive mistake seems ideal right? However, have you ever thought of what had happened should not be rewind or reset?

The present generation yields a level of technology that makes it extremely convenient for most people to access information. However, there are some who have yet to take advantage of this privilege, as well as a proportion of people who have been exposed to misinformation when using that very same platform.

Hence, TEDxHeriotWattUMalaysia wishes to rewind and reset your perception on various fields and topics out there, that are less well-known or commonly misinterpreted.

#tedx #tedtalks #tedxheriotwattumalaysia #tedhwum #resetandrewind

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