Penang Career & Postgraduate Expo (23PCPE)

29th Jun 2019 - 30th Jun 2019

Penang Career & Postgraduate Expo (23PCPE)

Venue : Seberang Perai Arena Convention Centre, Perai

Time : 11:00AM - 18:00PM

"The Business & Education Services Industry Expo"
Penang Career & Postgraduate Expo is the most anticipated international platform of education exhibition. The event provides students the opportunity to study overseas and receive international level qualification as well. The students get to interact with top most university delegates gathered under a single roof, mostly includes candidates looking for post graduation. This is a must attend event who dream of studying abroad in the top most institutions. The event includes professionals, country experts and experienced counsellors to help students select the most suitable course based on their skills and abilities. The event helps students choose a right path for their live under the guidance of professionals. The event also provides scholarships and fee waivers to special students with great academic backgrounds.


  • To assist the Government in providing more career opportunities in Malaysia
  • To provide those unemployed in the market a wider choice of career opportunities
  • To provide a platform for employers to do recruitment and showcase their companies
  • The Most Effictive Platform for higher education and training institutions to showcase the institutions and courses.
  • To increase the awareness of existing higher educational and training opportunities.
  • Ideal place to meet face-to-face prospective students interested in higher education.
  • To assist government on promoting higher education available in both local and oversea.

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