Cross Cultural Connects Community (CCCC) by Journalism Club of UUM

28th Mar 2019 - 31st Mar 2019

Cross Cultural Connects Community (CCCC) by Journalism Club of UUM

Cross-Cultural Connects Community, was inspired with the passion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program organized by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), by concern and serve the community at the international level.

With the support from various organizations, Journalism Club UUM eager to organized the International CSR program, located at Phuket Island, Thailand. This CSR program will be concerned toward community and environment services as well as academic and cultural exchanges beyond the border. 

CSR community will be more focus on the foster home for child in need, at SOS Children's Village, CSR animal will be at Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Thalang meanwhile CSR environment will focus about beach cleanliness. 

Date            : 28th March 2019 - 31 March 2019

Location       : Phuket, Thailand

Pt. Involved  : Journalism Club UUM, School of International Studies

                     (SOIS),  SOS Children's Villages, Trash Hero Phuket,

                      Clean the Beach Boot Camp Phuket, Gibbon Rehabilitation  

                      Project (GRP)

Journalism Club UUM need funds to be donated to these organizations to ease their burden while tend to learn and experience of managing "beyond border" program.

Any inquiries, please do not hesitate to e-mail at [email protected] , or contact the person in charged:

Programme Director

NORFIAH BENHAR (+6016 753 5422)

Attending Officer
PN. ZUNAIDA BT. BAHADUR (+60125787864)

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