Vintage Cafe Ipoh

Student Job
Valid until 31st December 2018

Vintage Cafe Ipoh


1) Name of Company : VINTAGE CAFE 

2) Address:   21, JALAN MARKET, 30000 IPOH.

3) Job Description Type: 

  • Kitchen - Preparing food, ensuring quality of food and cleanliness of kitchen area 
  • Service - Send food and attending to customers, prepare drinks, ensure cleanliness of floor area
  • Barista- Making coffee and dealing with customer needs.
  • Pastry – Producing cakes and pastry desserts for customers.

5) Estimated Starting Pay : 

RM 5/hr part time 

RM 1,000 full time


6) Is Part-time available for this Post? Yes 

7) Training provided? Yes 

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