Content & Marketing Intern

Valid until 31st December 2019

Content & Marketing Intern

If you’re looking for an internship or a stage to release your inner desire to share food porn and food knowledge, why don’t you consider going on this journey with us?

About the Job

We are currently looking for go-getters to join our team to help us with:

Content Marketing

We look forward to contents in all form. Play around with written articles, infographic, gif,  video, talk-shows, live session.

  • Social media
    • You need to be a big fan of memes and the king of engagement.
  • Email
    • Grammar nazis, we want you. If you’re very good in convincing people to spend their money on food, even better.
  • Blog
    • What’s the next viral topic that our customers love to know?
  • Ad hoc project, campaign management and operational tasks
    • We don’t believe in “that’s not my job.”


  1. Create and distribute a full set of unique content that retains a loyal following (ie. our customer group).
  2. Actively maintain social media accounts to better represent the brand and products.
  3. Sales copywriting with a personal touch.
  4. Brainstorm, suggest and take charge of sales campaigns.  Then follow through the campaigns – due diligence and conducting analysis, etc.
  5. Sourcing the best possible sales channels and platforms to sell Kravve.
  6. Conduct market research at own-time-own-target in order to suggest the best practices and any possible improvements to the company.
  7. Operational tasks and also other areas which may need your expertise.

Forget about making copies and grabbing coffee. You can expect a steep learning curve because interns in Kravve hold real responsibilities and are treated with the same expectations as full-timers.


We welcome students from various disciplines.

Job Requirements

We’d love to work with people who are

  • Explorative and adventurous. You’re willing to try fast and fail fast with your own initiative.
  • Driven and motivated. Your mantra in life is “it’s up to me”, and because of this, your beliefs in life is directed towards doing the job right and to the very best of your ability.
  • Up to date with the latest viral marketing trend. You’re able to identify the role models in the market, and replicate success.
  • Strong time and task management skill. You are able to plan and exercise conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.
  • Eager to learn. You are willing to work on all types of assignments and show an eagerness to learn.
  • Adaptable. You are good in managing a variety of tasks, flexible and open to changes that may come up during the day.
  • Excellent command of both written and verbal English. Another language would be good!
  • Strong research skills and up for the challenge of networking
  • Able to commit a minimum of 3 months of internship

Kravve’s needs would be most relevant for Business, Management, Marketing, Communication and Creative backgrounds. But, we’ll consider applications from all faculties.

Other achievements that would impress us besides academic qualifications, are your side projects like blogging.

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