Part Time Data Entry Person (RM10/ Hour)

Student Job
Valid until 31st December 2020

Part Time Data Entry Person (RM10/ Hour)

You must be able to work at our office between the times of 9am to 6pm on at least 3 week days and not weekends.

Company Description

SEEKA is a project under Fresh Futures that will boast over a million diploma/ degree courses that students can choose from 45 different countries around the world and it is currently undergoing rapid development.

It is a mobile application or platform where student experiences can be streamlined better as they progress from one educational institution to another by allowing students to be able to find everything they need to know about them and their locations.

Important Note:

You must be able to work at our office between the times of 9am to 6pm on at least 3 week days and not weekends.

Job Description

• Conducting data collection on information such as tuition fees and intake dates from College, University and Language School websites.

• Putting the data into Excel and Google Sheets

• Doing research on foreign education systems

• Double checking and reviewing freelancers' work as well as assign new tasks

• Cross-referencing data

• Organizing as well as maintaining numerous Microsoft excel sheets/Google Sheets and perform research to aid in the project.

• Merging data sets Qualifications

• Able to perform administrative tasks

• Preferably from a Business Admin, Accounting, Economics or and data heavy Academic bacground

• Good at doing research

• Knowledge in using Google Drive, Dropbox and Skype

• Knowledge on how to use Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet

• Be flexible with work schedule

• Good attention to detail

• Able to organise data or information in neat fashion

• Good English proficiency

• Able to communicate problems and solution clearly

• Some familiarity with foreign/international primary & secondary school curricula is a bonus

• Preferably a fresh graduate or 23 years old and above Additional Information Benefits

• Our office is a 15-minute walk away from Asia Jaya LRT Station

• You'll have opportunities to grow and develop leadership skills

• You get to be part of an international experience

• We offer free parking (if available)

• Paid social events every 2 weeks

• Tons of affordable food selection

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