1 MYC! will feature your UNIQUE Business Story

@MYC! Cost

Web Digital Design + Copy + Server Upload + Post on our Facebook

@Merchant Cost

No Cost for Lifestyle Advertising

But we do Request a DISCOUNT for our Readers

How Much Discount

Enough to make them overcome INERTIA (Traffic, Parking)


1 MYC! will feature your UNIQUE Business Story
*First 50 FB Shares by Readers = RM 2 per University Millennial Reader to FB Share (Total RM 100)
*Push Notification x1 to the entire App Membership Base (78,000 members)
*Total Rate Card Value: RM 3,000 + RM 1,500 = RM 4,500
2 facebook: mycclub 95,000 followers
*RM 100 to Promote to our FB Followers
*Total Rate Card Value: RM 1,500
3 Posters on Universities geographically closest to your business (average 30,000+ students)

(3 universities x 5 posters on Bulletin Boards)

*Total Rate Card Value: RM 450
4 Job Credit: To Post Student Employment via MYC! Mobile + MYC! Website Database

Job Posting Valid for (6) months (Employer can keep Profiles for future KIV)

5 Entrepreneur Legacy - A Story Written about WHY you Started your Business

In Summary,
MYC! promotes your Business + Student Discounts + your Student Jobs + your Story Legacy

1 2 3 4 5 Total 222,000 + 95,000 + 30,000 = 347,000 Youth Reach

As our Community Parter to Help Students
For a Token Fee of RM 500 to cover our Costs

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